Cannot connect to wifi with Epson XP 215 printer?

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Cannot connect to wifi with Epson XP 215 printer?. Are You mister or misses own that kind of concern?, If yes then please read the best feedback below this line:\r\n

Hi I can`t connect the printer to the wifi so can`t print.Please can you help me


Answers for this question:

There are three possible reasons why you can`t connect to wifi with your printer.
1. The printer` wifi is not on or open. You should also paired both the printer and your source (e.g. DSLR, PC, etc.)
2. There might be a problem on wifi`s reciever, so better check the distance between the printer and the device.
3. Defective printer. Better go to the nearest customer service for assistance.


The print server pc/laptop where driver installed is shutdown or been sleep this might should happen as an offline, to avoid this, the pc/laptop should always power on. You can adjust the power settings in Control Panel.

Other reason is the printer itself is which is shutdown that serves as offline. I could list also if you didn`t chose your printer as a default.

Hope this might help a bit of troubleshooting tips.


Depends. look to see if it is giving signal. printers also have blutooth connections as well try that, after u absolved all settings on the Epson program try a simple test. reset your Epson printer now if u have a phone that can tether turn its wifii on as well as your houses. if neither can see your Epson. then yea theres a problem.


First you should see the version of your printer and search it on google for the drivers that are needed and just download it and install it and after the installation. You will be able to use your printer . Happy printing :)


There is problem on your wifi connection and must be set, for details and infos you can visit the link.cheers!


You may need to install a driver for your printer for it to work.
download the driver here: .


You get on it and try to get wifi when you go to the register and ask for their password so you can get wifi.


Control panel. Add hardware or device. Search wifi devices and hopefully it should com up.