Cell phone compatibility to safelink service?

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Cell phone compatibility to safelink service?. Do You sir own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please found the best answer below:\r\n

What smart phones are compatible to safelink service? if possible a smartphone that has camera on both sides of the phone that is compatible to safelink services. i do not know how or wher to check for the phones that are compatible to safelink


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If your service is GSM meaning that there is a SIM card on the phone then the answer is yes. You can basically get a phone that is unlocked and from there you just insert the SIM card that you have with Safelink and you can use it instantly. If your plan is CDMA meaning there is no SIM card then I suggest you call customer support and see what you can do about it.


From what I understand the “tracphone” is the only compatible phone with safelink, cause I just got one for my daughter. It`s kind of nice though cause all she has to do if she needs more minutes is go to WalMart and buy more!


The Service disabled message is shows if paperwork has not properly been filed or your registration has already expired. You can get in touch with them by calling this number:



Yes, you can use it in the USA since the phone is an international version. Meaning you can use that everywhere.


I would try an call tracfone or safelink to figure problem or google the codes an c wat pops up.


No they send you what they have in stock.


Forget my password phone lock.