Charging iphone 4s shows battiery and lightng bolt?

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Charging iphone 4s shows battiery and lightng bolt?. Are You mam & sir own this kind of question?, If do then please get the solution below:

The red lightning bolt might mean that it needs to be charged.


The problem is electrical input/output. Please check follow these checklist to find out the source of the problem.

►Check the wall charger.

•Although wall chargers rarely breaks, you should check it because in lots of cases the least you expect to be the source of the problem, sometimes is the problem. Try to use other wall chargers, wall chargers for android works from iPhone too.

►Check the USB cable.

•USB cable usually is the culprit on charging problems, Please try other USB cables to make sure that yours is not broken. If the other USB cable works on your device then you have the source of your problem.

►Check ports for lints.

•Check the wall charger port for lints. Also check phone`s ports for lints. Lints can block electricity, thus preventing your phone to charge.

►Check the Battery.

•To check if your battery is already broken, please visit a service center for checkup, checkups are free in apple service center. If your device is still under warranty please claim if by replacing your battery, if should be free.

Those are the common sources in problems like this, I always do check all of those and I always find out its the USB cable. We always pull the usb cable that`s why it always break.


While charging your iphone do you see a red bolt right?
red bolt is the icon for charging.When you connect your charger to your phone you will see that image and a bar going up that means your phone is charging. If you totally drained your battery, it will take 15 minutes before you see the something on the screen. Just leave your phone charging.
if you dont see anything after 15-20 minutes try reseting your phone by pressing and holding sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until either the Apple logo or the battery symbol appears.
if the screen display turns on,leave your phone until it completely charged.
if not try connecting your phone to the computer and open Itunes, see if the computer recognizes your iphone and when it will prompt to restore the Iphone then try restoring it. but if it doesn`t recognize your iphone then i`ll advise that you seek for service assistance.


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