Chase the Dot iPhone Game Free

By On Monday, September 12th, 2016 Categories : iphone

Ever played the game, which involves joining the dots? Yes, Chase the dot free iphone game app brings you the same experience but in a different style. In this game app, instead of joining the dot you have to chase it. This interesting game app by Microlemon uses the Arcade games concept. Though by just looking at the game, you will find it much easier, yet getting through all the levels is not a cakewalk here.

Chase The Dot iPhone Games

It is very simple to learn the practical details of Chase the dot game for iPhone and iPod Touch, in fact, you can easily get the concept within 30 seconds, but if you want to become its master, it may require longer duration.

Chase the dot free iPod Touch Game is an addictive game where you can get many replays and if you want to beat, your friends then try to finish within as less time as possible.

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Chase The Dot