Cheap iPhone 5 Leaked?

By On Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 Categories : iphone

I don’t know how many times you have read about the existence of the cheaper version of iPhone 5. The rumor said that it will be released together with the general model which costs $200-300. Actually, it has been happening when the previous model prices’ are cslashed and released together with the newer model. For example, it is what happen with iPhone 3G when the 3GS came, and what happen to 3GS when iPhone 4 came.

But now, the really different version of cheaper iPhone looks like will hit the shelves when the iPhone 5 is coming to the market. Techcrunch has released a picture that might be the modded version of the current Apple’s smartphone. Maybe it is only has some retouches, or maybe really a new less expensive model. Anyway, it has a matte finish, which means that the front and rear panels are made from plastic instead of glass.

I admit that it is just not like what Apple usually does to make a phone with cheaper materials and a dull finish. But I think that step is worth to try to have more customers from a wider market range. Maybe $49 for an 8GB iPhone 3GS still to expensive for people.