Complaining a letter to hr about bad behaviour of my room mate?

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Complaining a letter to hr about bad behaviour of my room mate?. Are You sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the solution below this line:

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When writing a complaint letter, there are things that you have to consider. It should be factual. The details of your complaint must be true. Second, it should be concise, meaning can be understood easily. Third, authoritative. You have the right to complain and that your letter is credible. Also, it should be constructive. You can suggest ways on how to solve the problem. Lastly the letter should be friendly. Even if it`s a complaint letter, the tone of the letter must be friendly. Kindly read below`s example:


Name of the CEO/ Head of the company
Name of the company
Address of the company

Dear Sir/ Madam ( or name )

I would really appreciate your help wit this.

Your technical support staff told me to come to my house and repair my internet connection 3 days after calling them. I called 2 weeks ago but until now they haven`t gone to our house. I called again and received the same answer from them. Another week had passed but still nothing happened.

I`ve been a loyal subscriber for 3 years of your network because of its good quality and service. Your technical support people have been excellent as always.

I hope they will fix my internet connection soon. This is my first time to experience such problem.

I hope you can look into this and resolve the matter.

When everything`s okay, I would continue to subscribe and even upgrade my membership.

I greatly appreciate your help.

Sincerely yours,

Your name and signature.


Having a roommate that is not sensitive is a headache. I understand how you are feeling right now. By the way, have you tried to approach your roommate from your level? If so, and still he doesn`t pay any concern at all then it is righteous to make a complain letter. I also understand that you are trying to prevent fights so you want to take it in a matured level through writing a letter. It is not necessary for you to have evidences you just have to explain why you are complaining. The letter should contain that you are already worried because you are very affected with the things that he should know in the first place. That you want to remind your roommate of the do`s and dont`s and thereby his attention has been called. Don`t focus much about how you feel make it sound like in general. To help you more i can construct an example for you.

Dearest Sir/Madamme,

Praise be Jesus and Mary!

I would like to ask a little favor from you if it`s possible that you will remind everyone again with your policies in regards with respect and cleanliness considering that everyone is deserving to receive. This will also promote peace and orderliness on where we live.

I am already to the point of wanting my roommate out. Please interfere since you are the most qualified person to approach him considering that you are our hostel warden. I will be very glad to hear response and action for this problem of mine.

Hope you understand. Thank you.

Respectuly yours,



Name of the Hostel Warden
Address of the Office of Hostel Warden


State your name, the purpose why you are writing a letter. Inform your purpose that you are writing because of the behavior of your roommate and how it affects our studies.

Closing Remarks,
Your Name and Signature.

You can also ask for room transfer if possible since your room is not anymore conducive to learning because of the behavior of your roommate.


Hi name10644751

If you are the wifi account owner, there is a way that you can cut your room mate`s wifi connection by setting up a password in your wifi set up. If you need to, you can also change your existing password to a new one which your room mate does not have access to. Setting and resetting the password depends on the model and make of your router. You need to contact your router supplier on how to do this if there are no instructions that came with your wifi unit.


There are several police misconduct forms available online which can be printed. Here is the address of one: There are many more: There is a great website that will provide a printable misconduct form and many others its at:


It is simple my friend just change the access password and if you still feel that your room mate gets your password or can get it just keep changing it frequently so that he can not easily access your WiFi or else just tell him not to use it its as simple as as that.


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Call an ambulance that`s the best thing if you can`t remove the piercing and disinfect them it sounds like a allergic reaction.


To talk your roommate and give a chance and then after that if your roommate is still the same you`ll decide then.