Continued record sales for Minecraft Pc Game

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minecraft pc game

Continued record sales for Minecraft Pc Game, Minecraft has long been the computer games that have sold the best in history. And it continues to sell – a lot. At this writing, 22,071,830 copies of the game sold for Windows and Mac, and the last day is 13,210 as been spent.

There are over nine games in minutes, or 550 games per hour. Around the clock, year round.

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By comparison, there are approximately 27 million people in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. If Minecraft is the last day’s sales pace is more Minecraft-owners than Nordic residents for a little more than a year.

minecraft pc game

Minecraft is unchallenged one of Wikipedia’s compilation of history’s best-selling PC games. Second place is World of Warcraft, with 14 million copies sold (figures from December 2013) and the third is Diablo III (12 million sold in February 2013). The last two games figures are therefore considerably old, but none of them is said to have gone past Minecraft sales.

With all console and mobile versions of Minecraft included is the pc game number three on the list of best-selling games. The list is headed by Tetris with crushing 425 million items, and the second is Wii Sports, which “sold” in over 82 million copies (that came with the Wii console).

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