Controlling The Use Of Installed Apps On Your iPad

By On Monday, April 30th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Are you sharing your iPad with someone else? Or do you some apps and other content to be inaccessible to your children, as a parent? Then you’re in luck, because you have stumbled upon the article that’s going to teach you how to manage your apps and preferences.

Did you know that you can actually control the apps and the files that show up on your iPad? All you need to do is to rate them accordingly and fix their restrictions via Settings. Here’s how. First, go to Settings by tapping on it. Select General, again by tapping on it. The moment you’re on the General screen, you’re going to see the different options that you could do to your iPad. Scroll down and search for Restrictions. After finding Restrictions, you;re going to see it turned off. This is the default setting of Restrictions. Tap on it to enable it and set your preferences.

After tapping on it, you’re going to see all of the apps that you can set restrictions on, but because it’s disabled you really can’t tap on them, so tap on Enable Restrictions first. Your iPad is going to ask you to set a PIN. Select one that’s easy to remember, but could not easily be guessed at. If you set it to hard to remember you’re going to have to restore your iPad to be able to access your restricted apps again, however, if it’s too easy, then might as well not restrict them anymore because the people that you wouldn’t want to access them is going to access them anyway, right?

In any case, after setting the PIN, you can now proceed to setting your preferences. Inside the Restrictions window, you can restrict the access on built-in apps first like Safari, YouTube, Camera, etc. Aside from that, you could also choose as to whether the other users could install new apps or not.

Set Restrictions on Installed Apps

Finally, if you want to restrict access on r18 apps, just return to the General screen, and tap on Allowed Content Settings. From here, you can set which apps with a certain would appear or not. You can set the ratings of the apps that you don’t want to show higher than the allowed rating that you have set.