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In line with Apple’s intention to endow every iPod user with nothing but worthwhile products, the iTunes 6.0.2 version has been developed and is now made accessible with the iPod system gadgets. This is made to fill-in the missing feature of the 5th iPod generations, which has brought some sort of dissatisfaction for many people who made the purchase.

The focal issue lies on the inability of the 5th-iPod generation to convert video files into an iPod-readable/compatible format. This hinders users to view any existing videos they have into their iPods. Though, the iPod itself is able to play and store video files. But it was just that, users would need to exploit 3rd-party software to do the video transformation. Certainly it was such awkward to anyone who yearns to have it all provided with the iPod system alone, without needing anything to have the video utilization done.

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To rectify this issue, Apple finally developed integrated iPod software to perform the video transformation. This is manifested by iTunes version 6.0.2. With the existence of this software, users are no longer required to purchase or utilize any third-party software to do the conversion task. It is already set in one iPod system.

What’s with this App and how does it work?

Such iTunes video-conversion tool is designed to perform a swift transformation of compatible videos into a file that is readable by the iPod system. This includes videos in MP4, MOV and MPEG format. These files are then being altered into a H.264 video type.

Because it is primarily designed for iPods, users can expect great video viewings in iPods rather than viewing them in computers and television screens. This means, the video quality is better with iPods than TV’s or pc. In fact, the conversion tool manages videos of about 320 pixels ample.

The only thing that is considered odd is the user’s incapability to reconfigure settings because this application is restrained, and only embedded into the iTunes system.

Here’s how to convert video files with iTunes 6.0.2:

  1. Affix videos into the iTunes lib. In order to do this, you need to drag and drop videos into the iTunes archive screen.
  2. Choose a specific video file you want to convert, and then right click on the mouse.
  3. A menu will appear which contains the Convert Selection for iPod option. Select this option.
  4. Once selected, the iTunes app will convert the chosen files into an iPod-readable format, automatically.
  5. To monitor the conversion procedure status, click on the Source option, and then click on the Converting Songs
  6. Once the conversion is done, two video files will then be available – the original (old file) and the converted (new file).

Users can also delete original video files to save some of the iPod’s memory space. To determine which of the two files is the old video, just check the Date column found in the Properties of each file.

And so, you do now have video files attuned with your iPod, thus, you can then start viewing each of your most wanted videos anytime and anywhere, with your convenience. All these are made promising with iTunes 6.0.2 version. Only with Apple’s iPod App.

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