Coolpix L840 is not turning on?

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Coolpix L840 is not turning on?. Are You sir and mam has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz get the good soution right after below:

There are two ways on how to reset the BIOS password. First one is to go the near toshiba center and let them fix it. The second one is to do it yourself.

Pros and cons if those methods before going to steps on how to do it.

Toshiba Center repair
Pros :
1. Your laptop is safe from being bricked or damage
2. You can just relax and wait for them to fix it
1. You will need to travel to a toshiba store
2. You need to accommodate for fees

D-I-Y ( Do it your self )
1. No Fees
2. Will immediately reset your bios password after you did it.
1. Your laptop could be bricked if you don`t know what you are doing
2. You will damage other parts like the motherboard and ram modules if you did it wrong.

So the first method is to bring it to the toshiba center and tell them about your problem. They would fix it for a fee of course.

Second one ( don`t do this if you not sure of yourself that you can do it without damaging other parts. )

1. Turn off your laptop first and remove the battery
2. Turn it upside down . Open the RAM bay below by using a screw driver/philip.
3. Remove the RAM that is already inside
4. Remove the black sticker if theres any on the motherboard. ( remember to bring it back later )
5. You should see a word that is named ” XXX ” on the motherboard. Above it are two solder joints.
Look at this screenshot :

6. Now we can proceed after locating the joints
• Turn your laptop on the side ( perpendicular to the table )
• Open the screen so you could see both screen and the ram bay below and the power socket should be on top
• Insert one of your RAM on the slot and turn on your laptop
• If it doesn`t show a password that is needed for the bios, turn off the laptop and insert the RAM on the other slot and try again until there is a password requirement for bios
• Turn the laptop off before we proceed on the next step
• Get a flat screw driver. Short the two joints and turn on the laptop
• while shorting the joints. turn on your laptop
• When it boots, you can now remove the screw driver. Power the laptop off . Put the ram modules back and the sticker before closing the plate
• Close the plate and after that turn your laptop. It should now reset your bios password.


Might be the reason why it is not turning on is the battery, it might be defective already. try to borrow another battery and put it to a test if it is working. if not then o to the nearest service center.