Create and Share Media Stories with Blurb Mobile

By On Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Blurb might be thinking that social media still have some space which is need to be explored. So, they are launching the Blurb Mobile for iPhone which allows the users to simply create stories, share their photos, videos, and audio. Once you have created your stories, you can share it with a popular social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter, or send it by email.

In summary, the main idea of this Blurb’s app is to provide the users with a simple tool for publishing that can be used for sharing their personal moment with family and friends or for a real time report if you are a photo journalist who covered breaking news.

Before you publish your stories, this app will allow you to edit your media files. For example if you want to crop, rotate, scaling, geotagging, or drag and drop sequencing. To make your image more lively, you can add text or voice captions to provide a complete narrative of your story. Blurb Mobile is a free app and you will have a story channel on You can also purchase the Blurb Mobile Plus with more photo, video, and audio capabilities.