Dancing Animals On Your iPad – Educational?!

By On Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Have a kid and you would want to make your iPad more educational? Well, apparently, the iPad is already educational as it is. That’s why it’s even going to be made a requirement for school next year, if it pushes through the issues being questioned from it. Just plain security reasons like the capability of schools to monitor the internet sites that the kids could visit while in school, as well as the dangers it would bring to the child while lugging an expensive gadget in his backpack. Aside from those though, a lot of researchers already stand by the fact that tablets indeed have the ability and potential to improve the quality and experience of education.

However, aside from being assigned as a school requirement, there is another way on how an iPad could be educational, without the risk of R18 sites, as well as the snatchers around the corner. Running out of ideas? Then here’s the iPad app to answer it for you – Dancing Animals! Who said learning could never be this fun?

Dancing Animals

Dancing Animals does what it promises it would do. It would give your child dancing animals. Hours and hours of wholesome fun. Where else would you see a Hippo belly dancing, or a Bear dancing to the latest hip hop moves? It’s like, as the app developer has put it, taking your child to the zoo, only better! As if the animals in the zoo would dance for hours and hours for your child again and again, as well as teaching them to spell and pronounce their names right.

You got that right. The animals don’t stop with the dancing. They also teach your child how to spell their names. Say goodbye to the days when it was so hard to explain and teach how the word “elephant” is spelled. Through this app, they are all learned in a fun and easier way. They are having so much fun that they don’t even realize how much they are learning already.

the next question is how could you make sure that your child would love it, especially if he’s kinds picky. Simple, this app is designed to entertain even the toughest kids. No kid would be able to resist the apps colorful background, entertaining music, and the animals’ funky dance moves.

Not yet convinced? Well, you can download the app to try for free anyway. You get five animals to test with your child. If it gets a positive response, then go ahead and download the fifteen animals more. This app is meant for a very wide age range. This app could be enjoyed by toddlers to kindergartners, or children from ages two to six. Just imagine how much your kid could get from this app. Not only will he learn how to recognize different animals, pronounce and spell each of their names, but in the end, this app could even teach your child how to dance as well. Now, just how many apps could provide that much fun and learning at the same time?