Dark Hill Free iPod Touch Game App

By On Thursday, March 1st, 2018 Categories : iPod Touch

Are you fond of horror games? There are many Free iPod Touch Games in itunes.com, but Dark Hill Lite Free iPod Touch Game App by Nabil Chatbi will certainly prove to be a great entertainer for you. With this game app you can feel the thrill of being the only survivor in the Milba City. This city is under the attack of zombies, the flesh eaters and now you the only survivor, so you must find a way out of this terror.

Dark Hill iPhone game

Dark Hill Lite is one of my favorite free games for ipod touch which is a horror puzzle game, whose inspiration has been taken from other horror games like Doom, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In this game app, you need not rush to finish your game, rather you are free to move on your own pace and get hold of various weapons, in order to save yourself from zombies.

In Dark Hill Lite Free iPod Touch Game App, you will enjoy various stages of game in real 3D graphics and can easily protect yourself using three different types of weapons.

Get this Free Version of Dark Hill iPhone Game here.