Deer Hunter 2 Cheat Codes for PC

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deer hunter 2 cheat codes

Deer Hunter 2 Cheat Codes for PCIndie tech, On this page you will find about Deer Hunter 2 cheats which could be used on your PC. Deer Hunter is a simulator game to hunt animals in the pictures corners of the world. Deer Hunter makes it possible to travel and hunt for many species of animals in the jungle, the mountains of Alaska, African savannas and other exotic regions. The player must play money and various trophies for passed assignment or killing big game. Deer Hunter 2 has a store with a large arsenal of ammunition, additional objects and various weapons that allow players to buy the necessary weapons for personal style of hunting. While Deer Hunter supports a special mode for group hunting with friends over the internet.

Here are list of Deer Hunter 2 Cheat Codes for PC

deer hunter 2 cheat codes

During the game, press F2 and enter the following deer hunter 2 cheat codes:

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CAMERA SET crow1 – crow camera, # = digit
CAMERA SET # deer – deer camera, # = digit
CAMERA SET fox # – rävkamera, # = digit
CAMERA SET player – jägarensvy

dh2blizzard – changing weather faster
dh2circle – following a deer
dh2deadeye – pilkamera
dh2deerzilla – giant deer
dh2doolittle – you do not scare the animals
dh2flash – runs fast
dh2honey – deer drawn to you
dh2light – cause lightning
dh2rain – it starts to rain
dh2shoot – moves you to the nearest deer
dh2sidewind – player goes in the direction of the deer
dh2sightin – align your weapon
dh2snow – it begins to snow
dh2supaflash – running incredibly fast
dh2supatracker – reveals the animals on the map
dh2tracker – shows deer on GPS
dh2thunder – cause thunder
dh2wright – flight mode
If you want a better rifle then you should enter the code:
Need something new.
It makes so you get a rifle with most of the cheats themselves.
So do not write all over and over again.

When you see an animal, you should write see.
It lets you see how much the credits, the money you get from it.

And do not forget that you’ll write one once you’ve killed an animal.
Then you triple as much points, money than what you actually get.

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