Design Your iPhone Lock Screen with PhotoStack

By On Monday, March 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone


PhotoStack Wallpaper Designer (0.99) is created by Erwin Zwart and is a wallpaper designer for iPhone using your stored pictures. While there is a lot of wallpapers out there, you can have something more personal. You can make it from computer, but why would you do that if you can directly create it from your iPhone? PhotoStack Wallpaper Designer will help you do that.

The first thing that you see in PhotoStack is the background image. You can do many things with this app such as adding your Photo Library, or taking a new picture. Once you set your background, the real fun begins. Just tap the camera button to add your wallpaper. You can either take a new picture, or import it from your device photo library.

You can add as many picture as you want, with the ability to resize and rearrange the position on your wallpaper. To adjust the photo border, select the line on the bottom toolbar. If you like a personalized wallpaper on your device, then you have to try PhotoStack. This app is also available for iPad for $1.99. But remember that you should have iOS 4.2 or later.