Diet Butler App for iPhone – Your Custom Food Alarm

By On Monday, February 26th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Have you ever missed your breakfast or lunch ? Even I have missed sometimes as I was busy blogging. Hope I won’t with Diet Butler app.

Yes of course , Diet Butler is food alarm & notifier which I feel very helpful for me, when I am busy.

Most of the time people have the tendency of “ok let me eat a little bit later”. But when there is someone always reminding you on time that “John, Its dinner time” along with a melodious background score, which certainly grabs your attention at any moment and you respond to it immediately. This is what makes this Diet Butler iphone app stand out of the other diet apps that I’ve seen so far.

Diet Butler has a abundant list of recipes which you can choose as your favorite ones, and add them to that days meal, so that it appears in the virtual fridge to have it on time.

There is also a feature called my days using which you can add all you favorite recipes to that list and name it for each day of the week.

In my opinion Diet Butler iphone app really serves you as food alarm and also for your dieting purposes with help of all the above mentioned features.

Download this Diet Butler App Here.