Difference between flat rate,standard rate and expedited shipping?

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Difference between flat rate,standard rate and expedited shipping?. Are You mam own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz read the good feedback below:\r\n

What is the difference between the three when you order online?


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Generally, Economy shipping is faster than Standard shipping while Express is the fastest of them all. It doesn’t matter whether it’s international or local shipping. Your total shipping costs also differ based on the parcel’s size and weight plus the distance between countries of origin and destination. To get an estimate of your shipping quote, use the freight calculator at for free. Just fill up the required fields and hit Submit.

You’ll see an initial cost of your shipment based on its dimensions (Height x Width x Length) and volumetric weight (kg or lbs). This rate includes the shipment value protection fee. It’s basically an insurance fee, but its value is equal the declared total value in US dollars of your shipment. Before you process payment for your shipment, the web app adds the flat rate for your chosen courier service (i.e. Express Box, Standard Mail, etc).


The parameters are slightly different and this causes the package in a different manner, economy tends to be handled much the way a “Parcel Post ” package, and though it states 4-5- days based on the region the package originates from and it`s destination it might take longer, the “Flat” option is usually very prompt in accordance with the stated or scheduled delivery date/time. During the “Holiday season” I would recommend the “Flat Rate” option.


Chances are good your seller has been lazy, and not filled out the appropriate boxes on the eBay forms. Economy takes much longer to arrive (maybe it is First Class Intl ?). Expedited can mean Priority (maybe 5-8 days), or it can mean Express (1-3 days), but Express will be much more expensive. There is a lot of room for interpretation on this. Be more specific or give the eBay item number, so I can look, and give a better answer.


Hard to say if its by boat it could be months or by air could be next day if ur lucky they gave u a tracking number witch would tell u where the item is now on the post services website.


Economy intl shipping will usually delivered for 3-7 days and expedited intl shipping will be delivered for 1-3 days.


Economic is slower and cheaper…expedited is faster and tends to be much more expensive.


When you do economy it may take up to a couple of weeks or more.