Digital Music File Organization for Windows and Mac OS

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Digital music file organization on Windows platform varies from those music files managed on Mac OS. Regardless of the OS peculiarity, the great thing is the fact that iTunes still could administer digital music files on either of these two popular Operation Systems. This gives iPod users a liberty to maneuver from either platform they opt for to assist them with music file imports into iTunes. Importing procedures on both OS are subsequently elaborated.

Digital Music File Imports with Windows Platform

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Windows users are provided with iTunes importing utility for them to transfer digital music files into their iPod gadgets. iTunes generates a certain iTunes Media folder within the My Music folder in Windows operating system. The media folder is named iTuneiTunes Music. However, the existing media files are not being copied into this directory. Instead, they are just left on their original spot, and then would just be reference from the specified directory.

Digital Music File Imports with Mac OS

Conversely, Mac users can perform the import progression by utilizing the iTunes library. By default, iTunes saves the entire music tracks that are being supplemented into the iTunes archive in its own iTunes Media folder. Specifically, this is located inside the sub-folder labeled with iTunes/iTunes Media, which is sited within the Music folder—the home directory. These music files are being duplicated from their current location into the iTunes media folder upon accumulating the present digital music files into the iTunes archive. This tells that when copying a huge music files, sufficient disk space should properly be allocated for the entire copying process to be accomplished, advantageously. To save more disk space, users can obliterate the original files after they have been duplicated into the iTunes media folder.

Users are also granted with an opportunity to configure iTunes Advanced Options. This is made possible in order to track the iTunes Media folder directory, likewise verify whether the music files were successfully duplicated or not. To adjust the Advanced Options settings in Mac OS X, go to the iTunes Preferences menu. In Windows platform, this can be accessed through the Edit Preferences menu. To get into these menus, click the Advance and General tabs positioned in the iTunes Preference dialog box.

In order to establish whether iTunes duplicates the supplemented music files into the Music directory or just reference them from their original place, users would need to ensure the Copy Files to iTunes Music folder. Users can verify during the accumulation of music files to the library preference. By default, this selection is disabled in Windows, whilst in Mac OS platform, it is enabled.

Regardless of what platform you opt to employ when importing music files to iTunes library, be sure to plan ahead to guarantee a controllable music archive in the future. It would then entail a least endeavor from the end-user.

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