Discovering The New iOS 5

By On Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 Categories : iPad

A new iOS is here in town – it’s the iOS 5! it’s going to be available ifor the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd, Generation and the iPod  4th Generation. It is going to offer a lot of new features – most of which were requested by their users. This is indeed one of the best things about Apple. They listen to the requests of their users.

The iOS 5 iCloud

This is the main feature that the iOS boasts of. With iCloud, there is no need to connect your iDevice to a PC or Mac anymore. It makes your iDevice a stand alone gadget, with the ability to perform all by itself, without syncing it with iTunes, with a connection cable. The iCloud syncs your settings and could also back up your iDevice’s data, but not only that, it could also access your other apps as well and sync them with your other gadgets.

The iOS 5 New Notifications

This could remind you of the Android, but better. Instead of the usual pop-up screen, notifications are now shown in the top banner. They are also shown the moment they arrive, even in the Lock screen; as opposed to before that you can only view notifications when you unlock your Lock screen.

The iOS 5 Media Apps

Say goodbye to the iPod app. Apple has already replaced it with separated Music App and Video App. There are new options for old media apps as well. The Camera is now even easier to use with additional options to edit photos. The editing options however are pretty basic, but useful nevertheless.

The iOS 5 Connectivity

The new iOS is twitterific with its Twitter integration! Safari now offers tabbed browsing. Unlimited text among iOS 5 devices is available via Wi-Fi or 3G. This is connectivity at its finest. Just imagine how much tweets you can post when the iOS 5 had made it easy for you to tweet anytime you want. One of the flaws of Safari, and other phone and tablet browsers is that they do not allow tabbed browsing. It is inconvenient and hard to move around and surf from window to window. However, because of a lot of user requests as well, Safari on iOS 5 finally offers tabbed browsing for ease and convenience. Finally, who wouldn’t want to experience free and unlimited text messaging every time? The iOS 5 now offers iMessage, the perfect app to keep all iOS 5 iDevices connected.

The iOS 5 Multitasking

We all know that everyone’s hectic these days, and this is also the reason why there are a lot of us who try different ways just to multitask or to perform different tasks at the same time. The new iOS 5 allows you to do just that! It has a really neat Reminders app. You would never need to download other list apps again. What’s unique with Reminders is that it doesn’t just list down your to-do list but it is also location-based as well. How? You can create different lists using this app, but this app takes listing to another level by being able to recognize your location or where you are exactly, and provide or remind you of the list you need while in that place. Just imagine this app reminding you of your groceries list the moment you arrive in the parking lot of your favorite grocery store.

Finally, you can now switch between running apps with the new multitasking gestures for iPad. Just with the use of four to five fingers on your screen you can now freely switch and swipe between running apps. You don’t need to go back to the Home screen anytime, or minimize apps to access other apps. You can just swipe away.

The iOS 5 is really amazing and we just can’t wait to get our hands on it. How about you?