By On Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 Categories : iPad

A Chinese man has come up with a solution for gizmo nuts who despairingly need Apple’s popular iPad tablet PC but can’t afford the price. The answer? DIY. In a 20-minute video posted on Youku the Chinese equivalent of YouTube Liu Xinying demonstrates ways to assemble an iPad look-a-like using PC parts, a touch sensitive screen and a case with a keypad, to the sound of metal music. At the end of the video dubbed “DIY IPAD 3“, the IT whizz shows off the completed version a reputedly functional tablet PC that is like a thick iPad but runs on Windows. He has knocked back requests from 12 folks desiring him to make them a DIY iPad. “I did this for fun,” declared Liu.

“This DIY ipad cost me two thousand yuan ( $285 ) to make it, so I believe that is how much it’s worth.” In contrast, the least expensive version of the iPad 2 sells for 3688 yuan in China, while the most costly model costs 5288 yuan.

Last month, a court in the southern province of Guangdong sentenced 3 folk to jail for nicking the design to the iPad two and using it to make fake tablet PCs.

Apple was also compelled to compensate a purchaser who sustained wounds in a fight at its Beijing main shop in May when the iPad two was launched.