Do you ever look in the mirror and think what is the wattage of my microwave?

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Do you ever look in the mirror and think what is the wattage of my microwave?. Are You mam and sir has that kind of query?, If do then please get the good soution right after below:\r\n

Only when you look at yourself in the mirror though


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Yeah, i do lol.


Hi there missglobaldenise,

If your trying to charge this phone outside the country where you purchase it from, you have two ways to accomplish it.

1. Purchase any wattage, as long as it has the same amper on your charger.
2. Connect the phone to a computer with a USB cord to charge it.



If you are talking about a metal substance you might have got mis understood the tespoon there as the metal object in your experiment. try to read further the experiment instruction and see if what that metal means. i din`t think that it is the teaspoon you are talking about. it might be a teaspoon of some metalic element that needs to be mixed with water or any other liquid.


Thanks for using AMF! Based on the clues you`ve stated.. The answer you`re looking for should be the word “MIRROR”.. Hope that helps! Dont hesitate to ask us again! Cheers!


No it is not real. No matter how many times you call the candyman in the mirror he will never appear. No need to be scared its all amde up, like the bogey-man. Relax. ?


You already knew the answer on that level.
MIRROR is the correct word.
Thank you for using AMF.

Best luck.


Root3 KVA will give input wattage. v= voltage. In idia it is 240 volts for single phase. A is the ammeter amphere reading.


I think the real question here is why is the microwave ENCOMPASSING the donkey? Come on, think outside of the box..


Where is messenger located because it is no where on this tablet.