Do you like p=rn i do 3ant to make a vid with emme?

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Do you like p=rn i do 3ant to make a vid with emme?. Are You mam has this kind of problem?, If do then please get the best feedback below this line:

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To Pair the device: Select home-menu> Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth .

Select Options > New paired device . The device starts to search for Bluetooth devices within range. If you have sent data using Bluetooth connectivity before, a list of the previous search results is displayed. To search for more Bluetooth devices, select More devices.

Select the device with which you want to pair, and enter the passcode. The same passcode must be entered in the other device as well.

To make the connection between your device and the other device automatic, select Yes. To confirm the connection manually every time a connection attempt is made, select No. After pairing, the device is saved to the paired devices page.
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