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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3.0.0 – 50% OFF – Hallo bapak dan ini semua, Selamat datang di website ini. Sekarang, kita di mau berbagi info yang membahas Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3.0.0 – 50% OFF. Ini dia bapak dan ini lihat setelah ini:

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 is a professional 3D planning software. It enables you to plan and design your dream house. The integrated project wizard guides you through contractual formalities and basic settings and the integrated object library has everything you need for furnishing your future home. The 3D view not only helps you do your planning but also allows you to take a virtual tour through your future house. This keeps the planning an design process transparent. To allow for as much detail as possible, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 also comes with walls, ceilings, windows, doors, recesses, skylights, solar panels, chimneys as well as electrical appliances as both 2D and 3D objects. All area, length and volume calculations happen automatically.

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The new Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 is fully 64-bit and gives you better performance and stability. The new multifunctional ribbon makes the user interface more intuitive and greatly speeds up your workflow. The new multifunctional ribbon provides more clarity and instant access to all features. And speaking of instant access – the new keyboard shortcuts for common functions such as extending and measuring provide even more comfort. Automatic project diagnosis has also been enhanced and now reliably detects errors in construction designs, wall settings etc.

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 Features:
• Design views: 2D, 3D, Cross-section
Softexia Screenshot• 3D constructions: 7 primitives (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, torus, wedge, pyramid), extrusion/rotation/sweep/subtraction solids
• Building components: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, openings, slots, skylights, solar elements, chimneys, beams
• Measurements: Metric and imperial with precise dimensions
• Input aids: Customizable reference points, construction aids (center point, intersection point, point with distance from, perpendicular, parallel point, point in line, enter coordinates), angle grid
Exterior lighting simulation
• Freely positionable camera and viewing angles

Design and Construction Tools:
• Roofing Wizard: Various material, cladding, rafters, eaves and gables settings, 7 dormer types
• Stair Generator: 3 solid and wooden types (straight, geometrical, landing), handrails, wellholes
• Topography Designer: 6 forms (hill, swale, plateau, wall, trench, slope)
• Topography Designer: 4 terrain elements (bed, way, terrace, water course)
• Customizable contours

Catalog (Object Library):
• Construction elements: Doors, profiles, windows, solar elements, constructions (e.g. balconies, carports)
• Objects: 2D (cars, people, plants, animals)
• Objects 3D: Exterior (e.g. garages, garden appliances)
• Components (windows, doors, columns, tiles, girder)
• Interior (e.g. kitchen and bathroom appliances), people, basic forms, signboards
• Textures: Exterior (grounds, grass etc.)
• Building (wood, metal, plaster etc.)
• 2D Symbols: Various symbols from different areas including appliances, building elements and other

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 Feature Highlights:
* Native 64-bit support – more speed, more stability
* Comprehensive project wizard for quick project setups
* 3 design views: 2D, 3D, cross-section
* Precise metric and imperial measuring units
* Data input aids for maximum precision
* Area, length and volume calculations
* Extensive object library
* More intuitive with multifunctional ribbons
* Smart, well-structured open and save dialogs with details view
* Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used features

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Size: 1413 MB

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