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Quran in English and Arabic – Hi ibu dan bapak semua, Makasih banyak dah mau berkunjung ke halaman blog Indietech ini. Sekarang, kita di Indietech akan share info yang menampilkan tentang Quran in English and Arabic Android App. Sebaiknya ibu dan bapak cek Android App nya berikut ini, oya jangan lupa ibu dan bapak bisa Download Quran in English and Arabic Android App sebelum paragraf terakhir artikel ini :

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Full-featured Quran App. Arabic Text and English translation in parallel. Recitations by multiple reciters, including English. Arabic text is sharp, beautiful, and easy to follow. English translation is simple, easy to understand, and very faithful to the Arabic. Ayas are displayed individually, for convenient learning. The App is lightweight and easy to use.
The translation is in contemporary English. It uses today’s English language, and today’s English vocabulary; and is pure and accurate. The translation closely follows the Arabic text. Punctuation is the same. The meaning is the same. The reader can read and listen to a verse in Arabic, then in English; thus learn the verse, and understand the meaning.

– Scalable Quran text
– ClearQuran translation
– Beautiful audio
– Multiple display modes
– Multiple Arabic reciters
– English recitation
– Simple and easy to use
– For phone and tablet
– Lightweight
– Free

The Quran is the word of Allah, revealed to humanity, though the Messenger Muhammad. The Quran is the direct speech of Allah, to the reader. The Quran contains guidance, mercy, and healing. It is the eternal truth, the everlasting miracle. The Quran is beyond doubt from the Lord of the Universe.

Allah is the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. He is the Supreme, the Almighty, the Wise. Allah was never begotten, nor does He ever beget others. He is the Lord of the Worlds, the Most High, the Forgiving. Out of his Mercy, he communicated with humanity, and informed humanity about His existence.

Size : 2.4M
Current Version : 1.0.2
Requires Android : 3.0 and up
Offered By : ClearQuran


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