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Snapshot – Apa khabar Agan semua, Met Datang di web site ini. Saat ini, kami di mau memberikan ulasan tentang Snapshot App. Ayo Agan baca App nya dibawah ini, oya jangan lewatkan Agan dapat Download Snapshot App dengan cara klik aja tombol downlaod :


Snapshot ..capture that special moment!

You just missed to capture that special moment because your camera was not ready yet?

Then its time to try Snapshot! Launch your camera instantly, also from locked phone!
Just hold your phone as if you want to take a picture and turn screen (off and) on.
Snapshot will automatically launch your camera app and you are ready to shoot!

Don’t struggle with wrist breaking gestures and battery draining launchers.
Let’s make things easy!

Try Snapshot: Fast, intuitive and for free!

• Launch camera from locked phone!
• Select your favorite camera app (secure lockscreen will not support all apps)
• Launch different camera apps just by holding your phone it in different ways
• Almost zero battery consumption!
• Turn screen (off and) on to activate
• Hold in correct position to launch camera
• Different activation positions
• Recognition delay

• English
• German

• Interested in translating? just follow link below and download files.
• If you experience any problems tell us, we will fix it!
• Any suggestions how to improve the app? let us know on XDA!
• Find all previous verions on XDA
• Please note that not all e-mails can be replied instantly. But I will try to fix every bug asap.

Size : 1.5M
Current Version : 2.23
Requires Android : 4.2 and up
Offered By : Jawomo


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