Dropbox API into iFile iPhone Jailbreak Apps

By On Friday, March 9th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Dropbox API into iFile iPhone Jailbreak Apps. Doubtless owners of jailbroken iPhone handsets already know of the iFile jailbreak app that can enable the user to peruse their iPhone’s local file system, and now iFile looks to be gaining support for the Dropbox API. According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog and by way of Italian site iSpazio, iFile has gained approval for Dropbox API access so full on integration should not be that far off, and means once done users will be able to transfer files elegantly from their iPhone to the cloud.

Sadly though there is not any concrete date for when jailbreak app user can expect Dropbox support though allegedly the developers behind the app are fairly good at updating.

The move by Dropbox again has a tendency to legitimise Cydia apps by permitting the utilisation of their API’s, and will doubtless provoke Apple rather just like Toyota did. So what do you reckon, a good move by iFile gaining Dropbox integration?

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