Error code 907 on gallaxy s5 how can i fix it?

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Error code 907 on gallaxy s5 how can i fix it?. Do You Mrs or Mr own this kind of question?, If yes then plz check the best feedback right after below:\r\n

Trying to down load Lyft app and its giving me error code 907 how can I down load the app


Answers for this question:

Try to remove the battery and put it back in again.


None of these recommendations are right. Just go to the place where you view ALL apps in your phone…and you will need to look near the bottom of the list despite the alphabetical order to see the disabled apps so find the app called Contacts Storage. You will see that it is disabled. So ENABLE it. And go on with your life.

Of course, a hard reset will fix it temporarily but what a pain in the butt that is, and you lose a lot of things when you do that. It is the lazy support suggestion for a fix…my fix is not going to be permanent, I suspect. However it takes a few seconds to do and it brings it back into operation immediately with no data loss what-so-ever. Now the bug that causes this must be defined and fix for a permanent solution but meanwhile this works very well.


It means you have a problem with your software or system register so there is one way to fix your problem
first back-up all your files including your contacts and save it to your SD card , after you copied all your files to your SD card remove it from your Samsung galaxy S4 and now start resetting your Samsung galaxy S4
now on your Samsung galaxy S4 press and hold the plus(+) volume button and the home button and the power button and wait to boot your Samsung galaxy S4 after that press the minus(-) volume button to select the factory reset and press the home button and wait to reboot your Samsung galaxy S4 after that your problem is gone

or just update your software from your Samsung galaxy S4 service provider website.


Use samsung`s kies sync software for your macbook. samsung download site here:



The right thing is to see an expert to help you replace your code to remember Samsung galaxy.


Take it to a mobile repair shop or try connecting it to your pc.