Expired lebara number, how to retrieve expired number?

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Expired lebara number, how to retrieve expired number?. Do You sir and mam own that kind of query?, If do then please get the good feedback below:\r\n

Hi. I have Lebara number that I wanted PAC Code, to port to another network. But was told that my sim has expired, and that I can`t retrieve my number any more by Lebara customer supervisors.Please could anyone help me on how to retrieve my number or get PAC Code from my sim number 07751883021.Chris.


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No you cannot retrieve your messages after the deactivation of your BSNL number. The number you had is got expired. If this got expired you will cannot used it and you will cannot do to retrieve those messages in your number history and those messages who is sent to you. The sim expired lasts about a month ago. You let it get long into a month before you do to reactivate it. So this means it went long before you renew the sim.

The messages will not be retrievable anymore. Although you renew it now. Those past messages will not to be come along back. Now the sim is reactivated again. The new messages coming will be your messages again and will be your history of messages. The old messages will not to be recover anymore.


Regarding on your question, think it is not possible to do. Once the sim card get expired you can no longer used it again. However you can get a new number again. If you really insist you may contact the service provider and ask if that is possible upon request.


The best way to retrieve your expired roaming number is go to the nearest Globe center for them to make a new one that is the same number as your expired one. and pay for only the price of one simcard. hope this one helps.


My airtel sim card expired and i lost the number c?

My airtel sim card expired and i lost the number c? – My airtel simcard is expired can i able to get the same number aging.


You can activate again, all you have to do is call your idea customer service, they will assist you on how to activate your sim again.. else buy a new sim::
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Only thing you can do is pay the yearly subscription….that is if you want to save that history. The history is tied to the specific number. No other way IMO!!!!


Yes you can. Go to the operator and tell them you want the same number but a new sim.