Extra Enhanced Attributes of iPhone OS 3.1

By On Friday, December 29th, 2017 Categories : iphone

What’s more with the innovative iPhone OS 3.1 Software App?

As mentioned in the pertinent section of this page, iPhone OS 3.1 version is embedded with several brilliant updates per se functionality and features. The five major updates are already been tackled, thus, it is now time to get familiar with the rest of the said software attributes. So, they are as follows:

  • Voice Control Utility. It gives way to iPhone users to make use of the voice control system by means of Bluetooth headsets for iPhone 3GS.
  • Enhanced Exchange Calendar System. This is an ad hoc calendar exchange feature that would allow users to sync and manage personal invitations.
  • Home Button Option. This is an option given to turn on the accessibility feature of the iPhone 3GS. Doing so would allow users to sync movies, TV shows, photos, podcasts and music.
  • Save As Option. Part of the software enhancement is the “save as new clip” option. This is given to let users save their newly-created clips when frilling videos on the iPhone 3GS.
  • Improved Pasting Procedure. This feature enables users to paste phone numbers into the keypad. Users then need not to worry about screwing up with phone numbers.
  • Camera Roll. With this OS attribute, users could take videos from MMS and Mails then save them into Camera Roll.
  • iTunes Account Viewing Option. One good attribute offered by the OS 3.1 app is the opportunity to let users view their current iTunes account credits from both the iTunes and App stores. This way, users could keep track with their account status.
  • Reward Redemption Option. Valued iPhone users deserve some prize. With the Reward Redemption option, users are given opportunities to redeem iTunes certificates, gift cards, and codes in the App store.

All these fulfilled the entire whiz kid updates seized by the gratis iPhone OS 3.1 Software app. Updating is so simple that both novice and expert users could easily understand. So, you may now consider updating your own iPhone OS and discover a new way to systematize iPhone device to the extent.

Other attributes of older iPhone OS version 3.0 are also being carried-over to its successor OS 3.1. This plainly entails that you have got nothing to lose. If you need further assistance with the upgrading process, online resources are always open to aid you with step-by-step iPhone OS upgrading procedure.