FB conversation auto forward to my gmail?

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FB conversation auto forward to my gmail?. Are You mam has this kind of inquiry?, If do then plz found the good soution below:\r\n

I want my conversation in FB come up into my gmail automatically without manual exercise


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Call forward is possible but forward SMS or text messages I never heard of this feature yet. There seems to be no feature like this. Well you can call AT&T customer service and see if it would be possible to do it on their end. If this is even possible only AT&T people can assist you on this.


I think best bet would be to take a screen print of your conversation and attach this to an email or if this is through FB i think you can attach it as a picture in the message to the other person.


Dont know exactly..whats the problem.which phone? i think most of the phones have the option for call diverting but autosms..dont really know.also it takes 2 seccs to forward it manually..so must not be a big issue.


Go on to the recording and on the bottom left corner there should be a box with a arrow coming.


Go to a cversation and type that persons email and start talking to that person.


My bbm messages arnt sending they keeep having a little red clock next to them.


Try this, ask the person to reply to you, to get the stream back.


Copy and paste. hold down on the screen to highlight.


I dont know sorry hope this helps:)