Featuring the New iPhone Facebook Application version 3.1.1

By On Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 Categories : iphone

If every product released by Apple does a multi-tasking function, Apple Company itself also does a multi-tasking job in providing more fresh updates to any of their existing innovations. An evident of this is the recent release of the new iPhone Facebook application version 3.1.1.

Development in the Recent Facebook software updates?

Way back in the month of August of last year, the Facebook Application version 3.0 was publicized. This brings the potential to enable users perceive forthcoming friends’ birthdays and special events. Additionally, users would then be able to read friends’ notes and post updates and photos. Most importantly is the user’s capability to upload videos from an iPhone 3G S device. Same thing with accessing same news feeds and changing of profile images into and zooms into photos. There were actually a lot of functions the previous Facebook app has offered to every end-user. But it did not end in here.

During the first week of the month of January, Facebook issued two updates intended for its local iPhone App store Application. These are the versions 3.1 and the 3.1.1, which is featured in this piece.

The prior version 3.1 appended Push Notifications for seven distinct categories likewise comprised the Address Book Syncing function. The day after the release of the Facebook app 3.1 versions, another update was made available. This is a follow-up update to the existing 3.1 version which is designed to secure some bugs in the Address Book syncing.

Both of these updates give way to Push Notifications be accessible for wall posts, new messages, events, photo tags, comments, friend requests and confirmation functions.

If you take a look at the interval of every update release, you could probably say that Apple can and will release any software update at any time, instantly. Such an amazing effort from the whiz kid minds behind Apple novelties.

The Facebook Application 3.1.1 version may not end up with the previously mentioned functionalities yet. It is but inevitable to happen that another software update release will sprout sooner or later. It could be an update for iPhone apps, iPod Touch or in iTunes utility.

This is just one of the many positive reasons why you ought to procure any of Apple’s portable contrivance. Regardless of the known minor glitches, any user could still take advantage of the foremost useful attributes and functionalities each Apple gadget seizes. One good proof is manifested by this recently updated Facebook application 3.1.1 version.