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Donoma Games, the developer of Sniper Strike iPhone App made it a point that every iPhone gamer will certainly feel the rush while playing this newly-released game. Perhaps, aside from iPhone Mafia Wars App which has become one of the most played games, you will enjoy playing this one. It is a feature-packed game with a three game-play modes which you can choose to fit your action needs.

Now, when you are looking for a fast-paced action, precision, and strategy, this game is just what you are looking for. Like what its name denotes, you will be a sniper at a vantage point waiting for your prey to be in your scope and BANG! You will gain score for every shot you make depending on where in the body did your bullet land.

For you to be able to appreciate this game really well here are the features of Sniper Strike iPhone Game which come with every download of this game;

#1.  Arcade Mode – it is a search and destroys strategy. You must locate your target among the crowd and eliminate him. In this mode, you are given a specific target to shoot at and you will be rewarded once you can eliminate him before your time is up. Otherwise, you will lose money if you shot the wrong target or cannot eliminate the target on time.

#2. Protect the Flag – you can do an upgrade for your rifle to give it more power and proximity reach. You can also make the controls easier with all those upgrades. In this mode, you should stop the bad guys from dragging your flag away or off your map.

#3. Massacre Mode – there will always time when you are playing this game that you feel the need to eliminate everyone on sight. Well, in this mode you can actually do so without losing anything. Should you want to fulfill you killer instinct, this is just the mode in Sniper Striker iPhone App you may want to play.

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There are unlimited levels on each game-play mode so that you will not feel bored by playing the same difficulty levels all the time. Thus, you can expect that your enemies will become more difficult to kill every time you level up.

Together with the interactive game play, you can also choose 5 different sniper rifles to know which one fits your pulse and you can work with easily. Upgrades are also available with more than 20 achievements which you can unlock.

Sniper Striker iPhone Game has a lot of features to offer. Considering the fact that it is still in its first version, you can expect that there would be some great upgrades on the following months. The question is, will you be ready when those new upgrades will be introduced?

Download Sniper Striker iPhone App here.

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