Few Tips and Tricks to Uncover iPhone 3G S Discreet Features

By On Sunday, December 31st, 2017 Categories : iphone

Upon the release of iPhone 3G S in the Smartphone market, various new and enhanced features are being revealed and made accessible to all iPhone users. However, there’s still more of what’s perceptible from this latest upgrade.

Aside from the apparent ready-to-use features of the iPhone 3G S upgrade, more discreet features still lie behind the keys. This simply implies that you can still do more things aside from what is indicated in the application. All of the discreet features can be activated by performing some special tricks on your iPhone contrivance. However, only few iPhone smart geeks have discovered such judicious attributes in their own.

If you wish to know more about it, then you may consider reading the subsequent details. After reading this, you’ll find out five discreet features of the iPhone 3G S, which you can try later on.

  1. Undo Typing by Shaking. True. You could just quaver the phone to undo typing. This is applicable when you are inside the Notes app, Messaging, Safari, or in the Mail. After typing some words, you can shake the phone and a pop-up will appear, asking if you would want to undo what you just keyed-in.
  2. Multiple Spotlight Access. Spotlight is used for searching purposes. You may search through Notes, Contacts, e-Mails, Appointments, and the like. Aside from the usual way of performing searches in your iPhone device, you may utilize Spotlight in other distinct manner. Say for instance, you’re in the initial page of the Home Screen; you can activate Spotlight by filching towards the right area of the screen. You’ll know when Spotlight is activated if you see a small icon just above the Quick Launch bar, prior to the dots that signify multiple screens.

Another method to access Spotlight is by means of pushing the main button, still in the initial page of the Home screen. You can also find search bar in the Mail and Contacts, usually at the top of the list.

  1. More Special Characters Produce. In messaging, you can make use of special characters even they are not visible in the outer keys on your iPhone. By utilizing different key combinations, this is possible. Here are some of them:
  • Ellipse symbol (…) – this appears when you hold down the dot key (.)
  • Dash symbol (-) – this displays an em-dash symbol (–)
  • Apostrophes/Quotation (‘/””) – this displays double less than sign (<<) and double greater than sign (>>). It also results to a curve sign.
  1. Forced End to Not Responding Programs. You can execute a forced ending or terminate Not Responding applications by simply holding the Sleep/Wake keys. This key is found at the top portion. Keep holding it until a red-power-off slider shows up. To quit the program completely, just hold down the Home key.
  2. Open Link in New Tab. Similar to the concept of tabbed-browsing; with the iPhone 3G S upgrade, you can open a link in new tabs with Safari. This can be done when you tap and the hold on the anchored text (a text with a link). You will then be prompted with a dialog box telling you to open a link, copy link location or open link in a new page. When you select the last option, the link will be opened in another tab within the Safari application.

You just have five of the discreet iPhone 3G S features being revealed. To find out more of these hidden features, you can make your own discovery by exploring your iPhone device or simply keep posted for further relevant posts in this site.