Firemint’s Agent Squeak Becoming Spy Mouse, Coming to iPhone

By On Friday, June 29th, 2018 Categories : iphone


If you have played Flight Control or Real Racing before, you might have been familiar with the developer, Firemint. Back in March, they said that they will release a new game called Agent Squeak. But now, it seems that the game is not only has a new name, but also a new release date. While Agent Squeak sounds pretty awkward, they have change it into Spy Mouse now.

Firemint has release the first trailer of the game. The game itself will be released in some point this summer for iPhone. For Android users, don’t worry as Firemint and EA will also release the Android version of the game. In this game, you will play as Agent Squeak, an undercover mouse. You will have to sneak, strategize, and sprint in order to reclaim your precious piece of cheese.

Yes, it is interesting. Sometime you have to sneak, but you have to sprint in another time. Sounds like a very promising concept for me. Unfortunately, there is still no clue about the gameplay elements as the video trailers has no footage on the game. But I’m pretty sure with Firemint’s ability, so I expect this game to be a hit when it reach the App Store.