Five Features that Make iPhone 3GS Most Prevailing

By On Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 Categories : iphone

Take a pro of the greatest iPhone model ever created – the iPhone 3GS by Apple. Deem with the five foremost integrated features and ascertain the rationale as to why anyone should find it the most irresistible contemporary iPhone model. 

The quick launching of applications would be the first manifestation in this iPhone replica. A matter of this fact, iPhone 3GS’ speed performance has just got even better. It is now twice faster than its predecessor – the iPhone 3G. In conjunction to this advancement are the restructured 3D graphical displays and better game performance that conveys an absurd gaming practice. Furthermore, users would also be able to view sites, access emails, and view attachments, more rapidly than ever. 

Cogitate on the following major highlights of the latest iPhone gadgets.

  1. Accessibility. In order to provide better service to those who are with hearing or visual impairment, iPhone 3GS affords accessibility constituent that includes a Zoom attribute, Mono Audio, Voice Over Screen Reader, and the White on Black flaunt alternatives.
  2. Find My Phone and Remote Wipe. Misplacing of items is inevitable, especially in times when you are so busy or perhaps, in a hurry. If in case you misplaced your iPhone 3GS, there is no need to worry anymore. It is because this gadget has a unique feature that would tell you where to find the missing gadget. All you have to do is log on to and check out the map that corroborates the fairly accurate location of your iPhone 3GS. If you think you’ve lost it somewhere in close proximity, just play a vigilant sound, else, exhibit a custom message, lock it with a password distantly, instigate a remote wipe or better yet, reinstate its factory settings.
  3. 3Megapixel camera. Take high quality pictures with the latest 3megapixels embedded in this new iPhone device. What’s even great about this feature is the integration of the new auto-focus attribute that enables users to valve the display, to center on anything you want to take picture of.
  4. Video. Make the most quality of your video shots. With the latest iPhone 3GS, you can shoot video, modify and mete it out to your friends. Two video quality shooting options are available – landscape and portrait. Likewise, you can revise videos and spruce the footage by creating adjustments to the start and end points. Once you’re done, allocate it thru emails, bring it out on YouTube or send it to your MobileMe gallery. You can also sync it back to your computer or Mac through iTunes.
  5. Internet Tethering. Most importantly, you can access the web anytime, anywhere. With its tethering attribute, you can browse your favorites sites with your iPhone 3GS. Additionally, iPhone internet connection can also be distributed on to your laptop or Mac notebook. Check your delivery service for more information about the availability of tethering attribute in your location. 

These are just five of the superb features entrenched in the latest iPhone 3GS gadget. Be acquainted with the rest of these iPhone capabilities in the next relevant post. Surely you’re going to love iPhone 3GS more.