Five Implications to Make iPhone 4.0 OS Ultimate

By On Friday, December 2nd, 2016 Categories : iphone

What do you think would make the latest iPhone 4.0 OS ultimate?

It has been a widespread talk over the Internet and in the leading television networks. It is the newest and most updated iPhone OS version of the existing iPhone platforms, the iPhone 3.0 and 3G S. Envisioned by Apple as a better phone and so far, the best of their creations. All of these descriptions are pertaining to the latest iPhone 4.0 OS update. Though it is said to be just a software-level update but it is also cited to be superb.

The following user implications could also be the basis for Apple to certainly make this iPhone 4.0 OS ultimate and splendid.

  1. Stocks Delete Button. Though others may utilize it but majority of iPhone users do not want to be strained to keep the Weather and Stocks components. So, it would be better if there is also a provided button to delete stocks in the future update.
  2. Option to Turn Off Orientation. The fact that you cannot view photos when you are slanting the device is quite infuriating, especially if you would want to view pictures in your iPhone in bed. The orientation sensor spots would detect that you are doing the wrong thing and so it would instantly alternate the screen. It would be much better if we could have it turned off (sensor spots orientation) whenever we wanted.
  3. Mail Filters. Being unable to filter junk emails can be much more bothersome. What if we could have mail filters in our iPhone? We cannot always trust on third-party software to do the job.
  4. iPod App Equalizer. It is already been an issue for years. If a user-friendly interface will be considered in the latest iPhone 4.0 OS, many users would appreciate it. It is but an apparent user demand for them to create their own audio presets. This is contrary to what they can do with their existing iPhones, though.
  5. A Place to Stick and Sync Things. If the latest iPhone software offers a multi-tasking feature, then it would be promising to provide some ways to let users stick a document file in the iPhone, at the same time allows them to sync with another folder and/or affix files into our emails.

All these are just implications, though. In the end, it is but still Apple’s conclusion that should prevail. Watch out for the approaching grand Apple debut on the 27th, to know whether any of these iPhone 4.0 OS implications are being apprehended.