Forgot the password for govt web site?

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Forgot the password for govt web site?. Do You mam & sir own this kind of query?, If yes then plz found the best tips below this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Sample letter of transferring application in this different background.You have to tell the intention if you really want to transfer the application,of course including the date of the for the transferring application in background.

You also indicate whose the person that will help you upon processing the transactions.

Sample letter below,

Name of the Company
Position that Applying
Complete Address
Contact number
Date of the Letter

Name of the Sender
Complete Address of the Company
Email Address
Contact Number

To Whom It May Concern;


I am Mr. Ronald Solis currently working in National Seeds Corporation since(______).

In behalf of my wife(name:_______) I would like you to know that I want to transfer my application in this back ground(state what kind of background.)(______)state the position.

For some reason that I have my 2 children that still need of guidance ages 10 years old below.My mother name (name of the mother)was old already and need someone to take good care and assist on her.

I am hoping that you allow my request to transfer on that field.I would definitely do my job and the best thing that I can do for the sake of my love one`s.

Thank you so much for the wonderful day and I am still waiting for your responsive and quick response.

Respectfully Yours,

You can also indicate that you can still used the influence of your wife in able to agree them on the application that you want.


The government logo came with the operating system when they ordered the device but you can change it using windows 7 boot animation updater. First you need to download an animated logo and save it in to your hard drive. Download windows 7 animation updater from Launch the application then click select bootres.dll and uncheck select text and click next. The file explorer will appear that lets you choose the animated logo that you want to use. Select the file that you have downloaded then click open. It will replace the boot screen and government logo will be removed.

Download animated boot screen from this site.

Download windows 7 animation updater tool from this site.


You can simply follow this steps.

1. First go their website (
2. Browse up and look for Support in the menu above.
3. In the support page, scroll down a little bit and you`ll see this section “Garena Account Concerns”.
4. Now click Account Related Concerns.
5. It will lead you to a page when in you`re needed to authenticate yourself (if not applicable) please click Forgot Password?.
6. Then check your e-mail address that you`ve use to register.
7. Follow all the instructions given via email to recover your lost password.
8. After you`ve fill up all the details needed, wait for your confirmation.
9. Finally you`ve RESETTED your old password.


When you attempt to log in and it denies you…you should have a link to “reset or forgot password”. click on that. If it is not there, go to the main google page and follow the same process. I will walk you thru the process. Should only take you a minute.


If you are still stuck you could try Windows Password Recovery Tool – It works for me every time and has become an invaluable tool in my toolbox.


is the link that will provide solution to your inquiry. Just answer the questions correctly and you can get your account back. Cheers!


If you forgot you Facebook login password, here is some help for you. For security reasons, FB can not send your current password, but you can reset it on ..


It is not complicated to reset windows password.
You can choose a third party software to handle this problem.


You can try to use a windows password recovery tool to reset windows 7 password.