Four Idyllic Features to be Integrated in the iPhone 4.0 OS

By On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 Categories : iphone

What features would you want to be incorporated in the new iPhone 4.0 OS?

It is true that iPhone 3.0 OS integrates multiple fresh features that surely brought ultimate fun and excitement to every iPhone fanatics. There is no doubt they were great. Nevertheless, as we play it constantly, everyday, we have perceived some of the new feature glitches that need to be fixed. Few of the existing applications ought to be modified or perhaps be enhanced for better purposes.

In line with this thought, the following list of potential enhancements will hopefully be included in the latest iPhone software – the iPhone 4.0 OS update.

  1. More Sharing Preferences. Though photo-sharing via MobileMe or email is potential with iPhone 3G, it would be much better if more sharing options are allowed in the iPhone 4.0 OS. This would then include sharing of pictures into various online outlets like Twitter’s Twitpic, Flicker or in Facebook.
  2. Multi-Touch Attributes. It would also be great if the latest iPhone software could offer essential photo editing applications that can be utilized by means of a multi-touch feature. We would surely be keen on filching to undo, pinching to highlight and press a button to bring in photos and images.
  3. Unified Inbox. Having more than one email certainly offers you multiple benefits. Though, you can also generate multiple email addresses with your iPhone. The only problem is its incapability of opening emails in a cohesive inbox. This means that you have to check emails independently, which sounds quite awkward in a highly updated gadget.
  4. Better File Browsing. Apparently, Apple’s iPhone 3G does a great job in checking emails on the go, however, downloading graphic files and huge attachments is not really that well. It would then be better if the iPhone 4.0 OS could rectify this issue by offering a cohesive browser which we could utilize in accessing various files stored into the iPhone system. Moreover, it is even great to hear if we can have these files be synced back to the pc, automatically.

Aren’t these features idyllic? Well, even if they are, the chances of materializing each of them still lie behind Apple’s verdicts. We better find out if any of the aforesaid attributes will be introduced during the soon-to-happen grand debut of Apple’s three latest projects. That episode is said to ensue on the 27th of this month. Hence, we better keep posted for that then.