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Leawo iTransfer – Halo Agan semua, Met Datang di website ini. Saat ini, kita di mau membagikan ulasan yang membahas Leawo iTransfer Silahkan Agan baca dibawah ini:

Leawo iTransfer is an all-around file transfer which is dedicated in transfering various file sources on iOS devices, local PC and iTunes. It is capable of dealing with multiple files types including Music, Movie, TV Show, Ringtone, Photo, etc.

You are enabled to transfer media files among iOS devices, save Apple devices data to PC and iTunes, copy from PC and iTunes to devices, and manage file sources bypass iTunes. With it you can realize media file sharing and ensure data security to the full extent.

For easy file selection for transferring, this program endows you with flexible ways to sort out the required file sources: AutoFilter, Show as list & Show as cover, Manual Filter.

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For quick file transferring, this software provides you with nimble ways to backup and transfer files to the target: Direct drag-and-drop, Right Click, Transfer Button.

Leawo Special Offers and Discounts

With intuitive interface and smooth software operation mode, you can transfer media files among different iPod, iPhone, iPad versions, computer and iTunes for sharing, backup easily.

Leawo iTransfer Key Features:

  • Transfer iPhone to iPhone/iPod/iPad, iPod to iPod/iPhone/iPad, iPad to iPad/iPod/iPhone
  • Transfer iPhone to computer, transfer iPod to computer, save iPad to computer
  • Transfer iPod/iPhone/iPad to iTunes
  • Transfer PC/iTunes to iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Smart filter and file search function
  • Manage playlist with ease
  • Support multiple devices: iPod Touch of all versions, iPhone of all types, iPad of all generations and more
  • Convenient ways for media file transfering
  • Easy-to-use Leawo iTransfer with intuitive interface
  • Smooth software operation mode for quick transfering