Free Navigation App for iPhone and iPad launched by GeoLife

By On Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Free Navigation App for iPhone and iPad Launched by GeoLife. GeoLife recently released the free turn by turn navigation application for iPhone and iPad. Navfree uses maps from OpenStreetMap which are downloaded as part of the application. In this sense, Internet streaming is no longer required. This makes it a turn by turn navigation application by all accounts.

GeoLife’s free navigation application for iPhone and iPad makes it easier for people to look for the any location and places they need to find for different reasons. It provides users an easy access to OpenStreetMap which is dubbed by many as the Wikipedia of maps. This particular type of technologically-advanced map gives users free live map updates whenever they need it most.

OpenStreetMap was created by over two hundred fifty thousand users. It is an open source mapping system. In this manner all the map data is absolutely free to use. However, there is some disadvantage of using this type of mapping system. There is a big possibility that these maps will be incorrect because of the fact that these maps are open and rely on users creating and updating them. There might even be a possibility that all these maps will be missing all together particularly in remote areas.

However, these apprehensions are somehow addressed accordingly. To ensure that this mapping system will be as accurate as it possibly can, users are able to contribute to the map’s project by using one of the freely available map editors. To ensure accuration on dealing with all data pertinent to this mapping system Navfree’s inbuilt map report tool can be readily available.

GeoLife’s free navigation application for iPhone and iPad can stream maps without the data connection. Unfortunately, it does need data connection when use to search for addresses. For added features, it has a built-in Google Local and Microsoft Bing search features. User can also access from the map screen the built-in iPod music library.

GeoLife believes that their recently launched free navigation application for iPhone and iPad it can become the the most accurate street map in the world with the help of OpenStreetMap.

Although the iphone application is free, an optional “premium content” is also offered along with it. This includes Safety Camera data, Teleatlas and traffic information which one can have along with the application. All iPhone and iPad users can easily download Navfree from the best online itunes stores of their choice.

The free navigation application for iPhone and iPad has yet to become fully bloom. But with is fast rising popularity, manufacturers are now having the idea of coming up the latest and most updated version. This early, GeoLife promised that an Android version of its free navigation application would also soon become available.