Free OpenCanvas 6.0.20 (x86/x64) + Patch Download Free [LATEST]

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OpenCanvas 6.0.20 (x86/x64) + Patch Download Free [LATEST] – Pa kabar sista dan agan semua, Met Datang di halaman blog ini. Di hari yang cerah ini, kita di mau berbagi info yang membahas OpenCanvas 6.0.20 (x86/x64) + Patch Download Free [LATEST]. Kami persilakan sista dan agan baca di bawah ini:


OpenCanvas 6.0.20

OpenCanvas 6.0.20 (x86/x64) + Patch Download Free [LATEST]

OpenCanvas is a painting dedicated software to the Windows operating system, which is suitable for beginners to advanced users. Equipped with as functional and easy to use interface, analog-strokes has the most basic OpenCanvas performance and unique “Event” function that lets you record and replay the drawing process. Several functions and excellent performance OpenCanvas strongly support displaying their creativity. Enjoy creating an illustration OpenCanvas!

Several Brushes
There are several types of brush like a pen it gives a hard line, a watercolor brush colors mix, and many more.
Multifunction display filter allows a complicated hand expression. You can easily apply effects an illustration by using a filter.
This transform is used not only for scale and rotate but also to skew and distort a picture freely.
Layer Mode
22 types of layer mode allow you to express an unlimited possibility.
Editable text layer lets you design different texts.
Focus Level
The delay caused by Focus Level is enhanced by algorithmic correction. Softer and stabilized stroke is available.
Tools display control (move / rotate / scale) are concentrated in one place, so it is more convenient than ever.
Event Function
Event function records the process of drawing and playing it. You can see the picture from the beginning to the end as if someone is coming just at this time.
Rule lets you easily draw parallel lines, concentric circles and lines concentrated. Ruler perspective helps to draw the scene and buildings in the background.
Compatible PSD format
OpenCanvas is compatible with the PSD (Photoshop) format.

User interface
You can customize the interface or connecting positioning palette window as you like.
Layer in September
Layer Set is a folder where you can place your multiple layers for organization.

What’s new
The error text input with the IME has been fixed.
The mistake that the size of the canvas window is changed after applying [View]> [Clear Screen] has been fixed.
The gap between the windows when OpenCanvas used in the Windows 10 environment has been corrected.

How to install?

Install the program in the default directory
Run the activator + left-click on the heads of jaguar
Made enjoy! :)

Screen Shots:-

OpenCanvas 6

Download Links


OpenCanvas (5.9Mb) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


OpenCanvas (6.2Mb) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


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