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Raxco Software – 25% OFF – Halo ibu dan bapak semua, Selamat datang di web ini. Malam ini, kami di akan memberikan saran yang menjelaskan tentang Raxco Software – 25% OFF. Sebaiknya ibu dan bapak baca dibawah ini:

Raxco Software, leader in computer performance software for business and home users for 30+ years has something for every PC user.

Raxco Software has developed award-winning defragmentation solutions and performance utilities that improve hard drive and server performance, simplify system administration and help customers work more efficiently at home and office.

PerfectDisk’s innovations, such as the patented OptiWrite fragmentation prevention, patented SMARTPlacement optimization, Virtual Aware defragmentation for VMware’s vSphere/ESX Server and Microsoft’s Hyper-V, total free space consolidation, large drive support, Active Directory integration, single-pass defrag, and proactive enterprise console alerting and warning, continue to set the bar for the defrag market.

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Raxco Software is a wide range of solutions covering the defragmentation requirements for desktops, laptops, servers, Exchange servers, Windows Home Server, and virtualilzation solutions from VMware, Microsoft and any Windows-based host system.

PerfectDisk products provide innovative defragmentation features and a host of customizable administration tools, making PerfectDisk the industry’s leading defragmenting solution. Plus, all of Raxco products are certified for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008, Server 2012 or Windows XP.

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