From the word year make a place in kerala?

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From the word year make a place in kerala?. Are You mam & sir has that kind of concern?, If yes then please get the best feedback below:

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The answer is a simple no. Legally,US, UK and Canada does not allow rent cars to 18 year olds.Rules define that you need to be of minimum 21 years of age to rent a car. The rule is prevalent across various countries. At places in UK, the rules permit rent a car only after 25 years of age. Some rental companies rent to under 21s if they are from abroad and normally at airport locations.


Just study hard, keep all your grades up, join extracurricular activities as well and be in good terms with all your teachers and peers, even your competitor. Always play fair and never cheat. You are already in that position where you could be first so don`t jeopardize that.

Most important of all be a humble winner and a gracious loser.


Yes. It is possible. The Post office will have an authorization letter format. You need to collect this from any post office, fill it, sign it and then submit to the Post master so that another person can receive the letter.



Based on the pictures displayed and the letters , I thinking the answer is CONTEST, trophies and horse racing. Hope we got it right, feel free to ask more questions . Thanks!


Google the car rentals in your area-go to thier website-click contact us-call them-ask them this question-since you are 18 you will get the car provided you have a license.


Black magic is a sin before you get all in to it ive thought of it to ive even tried it .. its worked a few times but ive stoped cause its a sin .


Claim her as a nondependent, but she still has to file her on taxes.


Bring them to a place where can they be relaxed.