Games for engineering college fest?

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Games for engineering college fest?. Are You mam and sir own that kind of concern?, If do then please get the best answer right after this line:

I want to keep game stall in my college fest .please suggest some games for me to keep


Answers for this question:

Please suggest me a game so that everyone in my college get attracted by the game.


Student: Good morning sir
Principle: Good Morning
Student: Sir , I am the technical affairs secretary of this college and came here for asking permission to conduct a technical fest in our institute.
Principal: That a good idea. But idea is not enough. I want to know what plans you have.
Student: Sir we have a bunch of students coming up with new ideas. We are planning to conduct a technical exhibition with models to explain technical terms to comman man. also we have plans to contact establishments like ISRO to contribute to our exhibits.
Principal: Thats a good idea. Then you can carry on!


In making an invitation for college festival:
First you have to choose a background picture that is related to the event.
You have to include the theme of the event, the organizers, the venue and the date.
Font style may vary according to your taste and preference but it is much better to choose the most formal one.


If you wanted to introduce a person a person for college fest. Make sure that these things are present:

1. Introduction
2. State previous awards
3. State previouse work and current
4. State Full name
5. End it with Please help me welcome (Name of the Judge)


How about a table that attracts people with similar interests. What are you interested in? Writing? Chess? Reading? Sports? Music? Say you are interested in reading science fiction. You could have a table for a sci fi book club where people can sign up.


You can make a little promo game where people get to play a game(ex darts, or an Android game) and win prizes if they buy or check out on your items.


Hi networking is the best way so use all the chat sites eg facebook twitter to advertise your event and also a mass email to your college students.


Go for it. Go for what makes you happy. :)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Multiplayer.


How can i reopen it is blocked.






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