Getting Rid of Unnecessary App Store Applications from your iPhone 3G

By On Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Because of the availability of various iPhone applications from the App store, you tend to become bewildered and procure more than just what you needed. Then you realized that they are nothing but useless stuff taking up a huge space from your iPhone 3G system memory. Or it could be that you already become jaded from utilizing such applications per se the games you always played.

It this is the case, and then you may consider deleting these programs from your iPhone 3G systems. This way you could save more space, at the same time get an option to replace the old applications with the latest iPhone 3G program updates.

This should not be a problem then, for you can possibly obliterate all the programs you want to remove from your iPhone. It would just require you to spend 2 to 3 minutes of your time.

Provided below are few simple steps on how to get rid of these unnecessary App store programs from your iPhone 3G.

  • Start by syncing the device (phone) to the pc.
  • You will then be prompted with the iTunes’ sync window from which you can see the Applications tab.
  • Click on the Applications tab. After doing so, you can view all the list of available programs stored in the device. Each program has check boxes beside it. The check marks on the boxes indicate that a program is currently installed on your iPhone device.
  • If you wish to remove certain programs, just uncheck the box beside them.
  • After you have done unchecking everything you wish to obliterate, click on the Apply button. It is located below the screen.
  • After clicking the Apply button, the current changes will re-sync to your iPhone 3G system.
  • Check your phone and you will notice that the programs you unchecked no longer exist.

You do not have to fret because even if you have these applications detached from your iPhone 3G; they are not yet permanently deleted. This means that the applications you removed from your phone are still accessible in your computer. These applications will only be deleted permanently if you take them off from your pc, too.

The aforesaid methods are not only applicable to obliterate existing applications from the iPhone 3G but also with the iPod Touch, and the first generation iPhone devices.