Gold ring stamped 14kt and circle with an upsidedown A inside?

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Gold ring stamped 14kt and circle with an upsidedown A inside?. Are You mate own this kind of question?, If do then please read the answer below this line:\r\n

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Never seen that before.


Since gold is used in purities of (lowest to highest purity): 10KT (or K), 14KT, 18KT, and 24KT your 10K stamp means, YES,it is real gold! BUT, the stamp in of itself doesn`t also necessarily mean valuable. Gold`s value is determined by its purity and weight. So you would have to have the ring weighed to determine how much gold you own there.

I would not recommend however, that you make a special trip to weigh your ring because you`ll probably be disappointed to find that you just burned up the ring`s value in gas! : ( Because fine jewelry is usually made with, at the very minimum,14KT Gold.

As for the SK imprint; only a professional examining the ring could tell you which of the several meanings apply here. Suffice it to say, that it does not add any monetary value to the ring.

Just enjoy wearing your Bling Bling, Never Turn Your Finger Green, “Of Course it`s Real!”, Golden Ring!!


It is hard to tell if it is gold or silver or other type of metal. The best way is to bring it to a jeweler. Does the ring look faded? or got slightly darkened? Most likely when the ring darkened due to exposure with air, sure thing your ring is silver. Because when gold faded it`s plating, it will come back to it`s natural color which is yellowish. Because gold is naturally yellow. If it is high in purity the yellower it will be.
I suggest that you should bring it to a jeweler to have a look on it and appraise it.
Hope it helps!


I forgot to tell you that the c2 that was stamped inide your ring might be because of the cubic zirconium. Do you have a stone on your ring? It is CZ is a cubic zirconia it`s a type of Zircon stone it`s used to imitate diamonds in silver and cheap gold jewellery. It might not hold a great value but it has all the sparkle.


That is the Karat weight of the gold used in the ring. In other words, how pure it is. 24K gold is pure. 10K gold, less so. On the other hand, the purer the gold is, the softer it is, so rings in the 14-18K range tend to be a better choice.


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Sk is SuperKrome plating often put over gold and silver to protect the finish.


It tells u the karats and the weight sounds like.