Google Earth: the iPod and iPhone Edition

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Are you planning to endeavor doing your own map quest? If so, you may have to deem with three essential factors for you to find the best map quest medium, ahead. These would include a simple searching procedure; an accurate data output and prompt tracing method. Evidently, all the said criteria are being met with a very good resource and search medium, which is the Internet.

If we talk about Internet for map quest, it really is broad. To make it more specific you can do your map search by utilizing the most prominent Google Earth application. Furthermore, you too can make use of your portable iPhone or iPod gadget to do this map quest with its integrated Google Earth apps feature. Certainly it guarantees a precise and eye-catching result for your area searches.

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Google Earth has ensnared the curiosity of the many iPhone and iPod users. The rationale behind this success is explained by the remarkable features and enhanced functions it is capable of doing. Not to mention the better access and portable compared to the desktop edition.

The dawn of the Internet has brought several advancements and benefits to the human knowledge and gestures. It makes things faster and easier to accomplish. Imagine how much you can do within just a minute of browsing the web? Surely you can get a hold of many things, many information you seek. Evident of this thought is doing an online map quest. Certainly, spotting the area you search for would become a ‘no sweat’ procedure. With the presence of iPhone and iPod devices, this has even made a lot better, for you can search an area anytime and anywhere you like.

Similar to the desktop edition, Google Earth mobile version provides users with a 3-D view of the earth in which you can zoom via satellite images from a certain country, city or state you specify. This means that even if you are a total alien to a place, you still won’t get lost, for as long as you have your iPhone or iPod at hand.

The application works in a way by keying in a specific area after tapping the search icon. The search icon is sited in the upper left section of the screen. In the lower left section, the location button is located for you to tap to instigate the map quest. The search data results will be highlighted in a light blue blotch. For you to zoom in the image result, you have to double-tap on the standard screen in a two-finger repeal touch. To zoom out, just touch the screen once. Google Earth then would track your finger as you drag it to any location. If you want to get a better view of the area you searched, you can turn the phone sideways. This would give you a horizontal view of the map.

Nevertheless, Google Earth mobile version also has limitations. Unlike the desktop edition, the mobile version does not offer driving directions. This means that if you want to get specific directions for driving, you need to go through the Google search results page for you to initiate the Maps app. Doing so would take you out of the Google Earth application, which seems to be peculiar and a bit impractical.

On the bright side, Google Earth mobile version still emerges to be a lot precious especially to those foreigners in a certain land. Unquestionably, it still is an infinite useful tool to keep track with any spot you’d need to go like ATM’s, eateries, or tourist spots in the place you are in. Referring to the said scenario, Google Earth mobile version could be considered fairly indispensable, as well.

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