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Acronis Backup for VMware 9.2.10571 – 5% OFF – Apa khabar sobs semua, Makasih banyak sudah mau datang di website ini. Saat ini, kami di akan memberikan info yang menampilkan tentang Acronis Backup for VMware 9.2.10571 – 5% OFF. Ayo sobs baca dibawah ini:

Acronis Backup for VMware is the simple and fast solution for protecting your VMware vSphere environment. If you are not sure how to back up your VMware, Acronis Backup for VMware will take care of it!

This product integrates Acronis’ patented disk imaging technology with VMware’s VADP interface to capture your entire setup in one easy step.

When disaster occurs, Acronis Backup for VMware will help you recover what you need – to any place you want and in just a few minutes.

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Just one click, and your files, application data, an entire VM, or your complete ESXi environment will be restored!

Acronis Backup for VMware also offers the possibility of restoring data to its original location, or to an entirely new one (and even a completely different hypervisor platform).

Acronis Backup for VMware Key Features:

  • Specialized VMware Backups. Acronis Backup for VMware provides deep integration with VMware vStorage APIs to balance backups within an ESXi environment. Acronis also uses CBT to reduce the volume of backup data, ensuring that your VM backups are always fast and successful.
  • vCenter Integration. With full vCenter integration, Acronis can leverage the VMware API to identify all the VMs on your ESXi server. You can select all VMs, groups of VMs, or individual VMs for backup. You can also find and recover individual VMs as quickly as possible.
  • Agentless VM Backups. Acronis agentless backups eliminate the need to install an agent on every VM, reducing resource usage and management complexity.
  • Efficient Incremental Backups. Incremental backups identify only the changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup time and any impact on network bandwidth or backup storage.
  • Run a VM from a Backup. Mount and boot a VM directly from a backup in minutes! Acronis Backup for VMware allows you to recover any server as a VM, or boot a backup as a VM for development/testing. Simply save any changes made to the VM as a new backup.
  • Rapid Recovery. Recover VMs 100 times faster by only restoring blocks that have changed since the backup.
  • Recover Applications. Recover an entire Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint or Active Directory database. You can also recover specific application items (such as individual mailboxes, emails, or documents).

Acronis Backup for VMware Additional Features:

  • Direct Performance Management. To ensure optimal VM performance during backups, Acronis Backup for VMware lets you control your environment by balancing VM backups across your ESXi server. Acronis also provides bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling to maintain good system performance during backup routines.
  • Replication. Create and incrementally update a copy of your virtual machine onto another host for faster recovery.
  • Disaster Recovery. In the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster, you can recover an entire server in minutes (minimizing expensive downtime).
  • vCenter Integration. Perform backup, replication, and recovery directly from the VMware vCenter interface. Simplify your VMware management with a single user interface to control your environment.
  • Easy to Deploy. Install Acronis Backup for VMware on a machine running Microsoft Windows, or deploy it directly to a VMware ESXi host as a self-contained virtual appliance.
  • VM Disk Hot-plug. The Acronis Backup for VMware virtual appliance can mount virtual machine disks during backup instead of transferring data over the TCP/IP network. This results in reduced resource consumption and significantly improved backup throughput.
  • Virtual Application (vApp) Support. Acronis Backup for VMware can back up and recover entire vApps, including their configuration.
  • Server Migration. Easily migrate a server between physical and virtual. This technology lets you recover server to hypervisor.
  • Application Support. Acronis Backup for VMware will put applications into a consistent state for backup, resulting in faster application recovery. If necessary, the transaction log can be truncated with other application-specific backup details automatically handled (including Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory data).
  • Compression and Deduplication. Built-in block level data deduplication, minimizing data movement. This helps reduce the cost of additional storage and minimizes network loads.
  • Intuitive Web Interface. Acronis Backup’s intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly perform backup and recovery tasks – even from your mobile device!
  • LAN-free. Acronis Backup for VMware reads data directly from shared storage using either SAN direct access (Windows Agent) or hot-plug technology (virtual appliance). This helps avoid unnecessary loads on the LAN and ESXi host.
  • VMware vMotion/DRS Compatibility. Acronis Backup for VMware is fully compatible with VMware vMotion, Storage vMotion and DRS. Virtual machines can be moved manually or automatically between VMware hosts to dynamically adjust resources or recover from failure.

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