Hah! in how many words u describe is not actually what u need …..how much u mean `em is more important. no? btw thanks much!! ^_^i wnt good rep?

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Hah! in how many words u describe is not actually what u need …..how much u mean `em is more important. no? btw thanks much!! ^_^i wnt good rep?. Do You mam & sir has this kind of query?, If yes then please found the tips right after this line:

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With such a diverse range of “most important flow components”, the layout needs to have separate paths for incompatible components. For instance, in an ideal situation the hustle and bustle of nurses between stations should not interfere with patient`s ambulation, and so these two components need to have separate paths to take. I would suggest a circular layout, with one main pathway through the middle of the building. This path would be designated as entry and exit for patients, staff, and visitors. Along this hallway would be the various general services (food, restrooms, front desk, etc.). Toward the end of the hall would be access to upper stories (if relevant), and a door leading to the functioning part of the hospital. The first hallway immediately after this door would be for patients and visitors. It would be roughly circular, stretching both to the left and right of the entrance/exit door. Patients rooms would be positioned along this hallway, with the more critical patients farther down the hallway, the most critical being on the ends wrapped around to the front of the building. Both patients and visitors could easily use this hallway to access the main hall of the building, and their respective flows would be more or less complementary
Immediately across from the doorway leading to the patient`s hall is another doorway leading to the nurse`s/doctor`s hall. In this hall one would find all of the necessary amenities for these staff to serve their roles, and the rooms of the patients would have a door leading to their own hall as well as the staff hallway. This would ensure ease of access while separating incompatable flows. On the opposite side of the hallway would be doors (or open doorways) leading to the rooms with the expensive equipment. They would be out of the way from the flow of people, yet easily accessable when needing to be used. For staff requiring offices, another hallway following the same scheme could be reached by way of another set of doors along the main entry path. Lining this hallway would be the said offices.


The Grinch is a fictional character created by Dr. Seuss. He first appeared as the main antagonist in the 1957 children`s book. The Grinch is depicted as being a cold and heartless furry green recluse living in seclusion on a cliff overlooking the cheerful, optimistic and sunny community of Whoville , scorning the Christmas season.


Hey there! You shall find the answers you seek in the song itself! You`re a MEAN (1) one, Mr. Grinch, you really are a HEEL (2), you`re as cuddly as a cactus you`re as charming as an EEl (3) Mr. GrIiiiiinch! lol hope that was helpful! Tell Jim Carey I said hello.


I want to knowe how to describe about your self with good framing words? For Matrimony need to write on my profile.


Well to describe a girl like that u should just say you are more precious to me than gold. if all else fails, find another girl to complement.


Fulfilling, Delightful, Party

Those are the words I can relate with my College Days.



Try this:

*A hard flow of tears fell from the eyes of the kid when his parent left him.


It is the things you used to do. your passionate to those things your enjoying cleaning your house.


I would use words like `frosty`, `icy`, `wintry`, `frozen`, and `snowy`.