Having severe toothache, took painkiller 6 hrs back.Relief experienced?

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Having severe toothache, took painkiller 6 hrs back.Relief experienced?. Do You mam and sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the good answer below:

Should I continue later may be after 12 hrs ?


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Take it every 6hrs.


Try this, start by taking 2 excedrin, right after you take the excedrin put a cap full of whiskey (at least 80 Proof) on the affected tooth. Hold on tooth 1 minute. Whiskey will both kill the pain in seconds and the nerve in just a few applications. Wait 10 minutes so tooth is good and numb. Rinse your mouth with warm Salt Water. Then brush your teeth with peroxide and toothpaste. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly.


This type of Sleep Apnea is veryserious and can be life threatening. If he is using a cap , contact the providerto either resize or refit the mask, or get an order to change that pressure. If symptoms are still going on something iisn`t right, if the provider can`t figure it out , call your doctor.


Hi friend

if you dont have any allergy try to drink medicine that will fit to your needs…

or i suggests try to drink ibuprofen advil…and acetaminophen.


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It could be sciatica–pain along the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg–is a relatively common form of low back pain and leg pain. It would also be better it you consult a doctor.



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Its so serious problm you need to chck up by a specialist.


Have you tried good ol` Oragel??